Start your Storylines!

authored by Carmen Goyette.

We will have the Storylines member’s installation again this year in the fall.

Storylines will be 4-6” wide and 6-8 ft long with a pocket large enough to accept a dowel across the top.

Deliver your storylines on 8 Oct to SPUTNIK; 9 Oct to FASA; or straight to the Incarnate Word Semmes Hall on 10 Oct.  I’m still nailing down people who will take the storylines from you, but the dates are final.

If you plan to submit a Storyline, please send Carmen Goyette an email at with “Storyline Submission” in the subject line and tell me your name, contact info, and how many you plan to submit by 1 Oct.

We had a great show last year, let’s do it again!

Storylines from 2016 Annual Exhibit