1. Please use tax free form to avoid additional unnecessary costs
  2. FASA Reimbursement form must be completed.
    • There are always 2 signatures required for reimbursement. The signatures should be the person who incurred the expense and the chair of the committee/event where funds will be allocated from.
    • If chair is requesting reimbursement, signature of co-chair or another board member (OR email confirming request) must accompany form. The treasurer or person writing the check CANNOT be the second signature
  3. Original receipt(s) must accompany form
  4. For checks within the scope of approved budget which is above $200.00 , the additional signature of Board President (OR email confirming request) is required for check to be processed
  5. Completed reimbursement forms will be processed with 7 days of receipt
  6. When Reimbursement Forms are received that are incomplete, member will be notified once via email of information that is needed.

Request for Reimbursement Form