Greetings to you all and Welcome to the Fiber Artists of San Antonio (FASA) Virtual Exhibition,


I am very excited about the first major event for FASA this year.  In the past we were given the opportunity to experience the creativity of our art contributors in person.  We were able to look closely (and maybe touch) each piece of art.  But the events of this past year have either limited or totally eliminated our ability to visit places that displayed art.  Like many entities, museums, and galleries, we as an organization, needed to adapt if we wanted to share any form of creativity with the community at large.

Thanks to technology, the creative Exhibition Committee led by the ever-dynamic Anita Centeno, our 2nd Vice President, and to each member that contributed art to this exhibition, FASA is able to bring a virtual exhibition to you in the privacy and safety of your home.  This exhibition allows you to view the exhibit with no one blocking your view.  You do not have to worry about being rushed.  You can literally enjoy the entire exhibit at your leisure in the location of your choice!!!

Therefore, I invite you to grab your refreshments, sit in your favorite chair with your computer, ipad or cell phone and be prepared to enjoy this virtual exhibition, Connecting Threads in Covid Times.

Again, Welcome and Thank You for taking the time to view our virtual exhibition.

Until next time……

Love, Peace, & Fiber Fun
Deborah A. Moore Harris
President, Fiber Artists of San Antonio

Exhibition Foreword

Thank you for visiting our 2020/2019 Fiber Artists of San Antonio Online Exhibition, this year aptly titled: Connecting the Threads in Covid Times.  Although our members have not been able to meet monthly and engage in our normal activities of exploring fiber art in person, we are ever so proud to have been able to continue virtual meetings through Zoom and now to be able to exhibit some of the wonderful works of art that our members have been creating during these times.  There are thirty-five fiber artist members who have participated in this Exhibition with fifty-seven pieces of art.  We know you will be inspired by the many ways our artists have demonstrated their creativity, skill, and gifted expression.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of those who helped make this endeavor a reality, starting with our President, Deb Harris, the FASA Board Members, our Exhibition Committee Members – Shirley Moehring and Nettie Birmbaum, and Marketing representative Dee Stepter.  A very special thanks to Lyn Belisle for her techno-wizard assistance and support.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these art works, you can either contact us by email:, or if the artist has indicated their website address (next to the price) you can communicate with them directly.  Once we receive your email, we will have the artist contact you directly for the purchase and delivery of art work.

We hope you enjoy viewing this Exhibit, and we hope to be able to go back to our traditional in-person gallery Exhibitions in the near future so that our community can appreciate the excellence of art work in person.


Anita Centeno
2nd VP Exhibitions