POLLY HANSEN – Quilled Gift Tag Make and Take
A hands-on mini-class exploring this fascinating paper fiber process

MONDAY, JULY 11 at the Garden Center

In July we will have a mini teach by our own Polly Hansen.

Polly is known for taking strips of paper and curling them into art – quilling.

Polly will guide us through various techniques resulting in art we can use or present in various ways.

Quilling Supply List

you will have several ways to participate in the Quilled Gift Tag Make and Take with Polly which will follow the Business Meeting.

  • First, you may just want to stay and watch. Polly will have a PowerPoint presentation that shows all the steps as well as a handout on the process. You can see what others do and decide if it’s something that you might want to try later.
  • Second, you can participate a bit by sharing one of the quilling kits that Polly is generously providing. You can get a taste of the process and see what quilling all is about.
  • Third, you can bring your own quilling materials. Here is the supply list. It’s very comprehensive.
  • Finally, if you want to go full-tilt boogie, you can reserve and purchase a kit of your own from Polly for just $12. The kits include quilling paper, a slotted quilling tool, a dedicated quilling template board and fine tip tweezers. It’s yours to take home. You will need to email Polly at least three days before the meeting to reserve a kit. pbhansen@runbox.com

Please note: This will be an in-person meeting without a live Zoom component. Since members will be doing detailed artwork at tables, Zoom would not be a useful way to participate and could be a distraction to the teacher. We will record the meeting and make it available for viewing after the meeting. Rest assured, though, that when we have out-of-town presenters and special events, we will make a Zoom link available! So come in person if you can.

About Polly:

Since the mid 1990’s, Polly’s main creative outlet was stamping greeting cards. As her interest
grew, she sought new ways to embellish her cards which included quilling. After retiring from
her radiology practice in 2018, Polly dedicated more time to quilling. Books and various sources
such as Pinterest led to more elaborate 2D and 3D designs. One of Polly’s 2D was published in
the American Journal of Neuroradiology in 2021. Her 3D sculpture of a hummingbird and
columbine flowers was selected for the 92 nd Annual San Antonio Art League and Museum Artists
Exhibition in 2022. Polly’s art is also featured on our website – The Samurai Soldier.

Polly joined the Fiber Artists of San Antonio (FASA) in 2019 after learning FASA considered
paper a fiber. She is also a member of the North American Quilling Guild. Polly’s other
interests include gardening, Texas native plants, and wildlife, particularly pollinators. Many of
her designs are related to flowers, butterflies, or birds.



MONDAY, June 13 at the Garden Center to meet our inspiring guest speaker





“As artists, we know that our work is authentic in the legal sense of the word.After all, we made it! Right? Synonyms for authentic such as original, unique,or real have different connotations to us and can get us unnecessarily into a dither.While it is true that “there is nothing new under the sun,” we are acutely aware that our work should be original, meaning coming from our imagination and not copied. If that is true, than how do we ever find our own authentic work without ‘trying on’ other artist’s style or process “

In this presentation, Michelle will help you identify what makes your art YOU – it’s not the medium or the technique, but it’s the authentic experiences that you translate, sometimes unconsciously, into your artwork.

Please bring a notebook or sketchbook and something to make marks with: a crayon, marker, or pencil. You’ll come away with insights that will guide you toward your own authentic style.
 Michelle Belto is a full-time studio artist and international instructor. She authored a book about her signature process, encaustic and oil on custom handmade paper forms, Wax and Paper Workshop (North Light Press, 2012) and two instructional videos demonstrating encaustic painting process. (North Light Press, 2013) She has exhibited widely, most recently at the Francis Keevil Gallery in Sydney, Australia. Her most recent solo show was in 2017 at the Julia C Butridge Gallery in the Dougherty Fine Art Center, Austin, Texas. Her work is included in many private and corporate collections. She lives in the Texas hill country with her husband and a menagerie of furry creatures.

Michelle will be joining us in person at the Garden Center. Business meeting at 10:00, program at 11:00.
3310 N New Braunfels Ave
San Antonio, TX 78209

The ZOOM link will be sent out to members the day before the meeting by FASA Co-President Lyn BelisleAnd after our meeting, Susie Monday is conducting a FREE mini-workshop to share some clues about how to make our art a winner:
Need ideas? Trying to find a starting place? Want to see how work you have already created fits into our FASA Annual Exhibit? Susie will be conducting a free mini-workshop to help get you started with your exhibit entries after the next FASA meeting, June 13. We will join for lunch (bring yours) after the meeting and have a 1.5 hour work and play session from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm. We will be working with preliminary design ideas with a variety of media. If you want to attend, just send an email to Susie: susiemonday@gmail.com, or call her if you have questions — 210-643-228