2020 – Temari – Japanese Thread Balls – made of dryer lint or plastic bags surrounding a core of topo chico bottle caps with bells or beads inside for sound.

This core is wrapped in tissue, then yarn and thread and then wrapped and stitched with embroidery thread.
I selected colors to mirror the bluebonnets in my spring wildflower garden. I had more chances to see them as I worked from home.

Outside/in: Embroidery thread/serger thread/yarn/dryer lint/Topo Chico bottle caps holding bells
25 cm

Entry Statement: Trash to Treasure Temari Series:

I started learning the art of Temari just before the quarantine began. I liked the idea of turning trash (dryer lint, plastic bags, bottle caps) into treasured art. The repetitive motion of thread winding is soothing and the simplicity of the tools and techniques allow me to practice the art while still interacting with my family. These temari brightened my days and hopefully the days of those who received them as gifts during the early quarantine months.