2020 – I find joy in exploring many types of mixed media. My work always has a story. The coronavirus took a member of my family so art was a refuge.
I used all recycled materials including my paint. I replicated the coronavirus by using a repurposed piece of Styrofoam from another project as my base and attaching fibrous champagne corks (painted red), a broken headset, chains, and a mask.

cork, cloth, metal chain, plastic
16in circle X 2.25in depth

Entry Statement: Mask 2.0. No one likes wearing a mask. It affects our mood, our skin and our communication. Unfortunately, we are ‘chained’ to it. We are ‘bound’ to wear a mask to help each other. We do it to protect ourselves, our loved ones and everyone around us. Our words may be muffled and sometimes difficult to understand, but we can ‘communicate’ that we are trying to take this ‘death-causer’ coronavirus seriously.