2020 – I use fabric, paint, thread, ribbon, beads and anything that can be sewn together in my work. Black fabric w/holes represents the torn flesh of the people who have died by police. Red represents the bloodshed in acts of injustice, with names of 28 victims embroidered (no room for all). Dirty white represents the fabric of society sullied by structural racism.

Cotton fabric, tulle, felt, paint, embroidery thread, soil,
35 x 19
NFS – http://www.kat.puente.art.com

Entry Statement: The Black Lives Matter Movement of the past year pushed me into deep reflection about the structure of our society. Being free means not having to worry about getting shot by police, the very people who are supposed to protect. This happens over and over again to African American citizens (not Whites). When any of our citizens do not have freedom, none of us have freedom.