2020 – My Antler Whispers are made of clay faces used with found natural bits and pieces I collect on my walks here and there. These are adhered to deer sheds along with embroidery floss and tie silk. A deer shed carrying a sprite adorned with found natural, organic bits and pieces that have a story to share.

Deer shed, clay face, cotton, seed pods, fungus, feathers, tie silk, embroidery floss, rose
10in wide by 8in high at tallest point

Entry Statement: Antler Whisper #6 runs through the foothills of the Appalachian Mts. past fields of cotton, corn, and sunflowers. She follows the three silk streams until they join the ribbon of Black Creek where they begin to flow faster and faster before they tumble over a rocky ledge to a pool 90 feet below. Noccalula took this plunge when her father arranged her marriage to a rich chief’s son rather than the brave who held her heart. I saw her once wandering the pine straw covered banks of the creek with a papoose strapped to her back.