March 2017 SPUTNIK Meeting Minutes

SPUTNIK Meeting Minutes April meeting will be Sunday, 2 April (to deconflict from Palm Sunday) at 2pmat Jean Dahlgren’s studio at 240 East Huisache, SATX 78212. Journal prompt for this month is “origami/folding/textile manipulation.”  If you missed last month and want to catch up, it was “Mandela.” The 12 March 2017 FASA Spirited, Passionate, Uninhibited, Thoughtful, Nurturing, Innovative, Kind (SPUTNIK) meeting…

February 2017 SPUTNIK Meeting Minutes

February’s presentation was Scandinavian Hearts. We watched a Scandinavian Heart get created. We passed out templates and then let everyone do their own interpretation of their hearts. Folks worked in paper and fabric and tried modifying the templates for different weaving patterns to great success.