Image of Marbling demo presented by FASA member Mark.

MAY SPUTNIK 2019 Meeting Minutes

The marbling demo was the coolest thing ever! Mark brought in enough supplies for all of the artists to each pull their own prints. He walked us through the fabric prep which involves using alum treated cotton, went through the process to show us, and set us loose!

February 2017 SPUTNIK Meeting Minutes

February’s presentation was Scandinavian Hearts. We watched a Scandinavian Heart get created. We passed out templates and then let everyone do their own interpretation of their hearts. Folks worked in paper and fabric and tried modifying the templates for different weaving patterns to great success.

January 2017 SPUTNIK Meeting Minutes

The group was very excited about presenting their Artistic Resolutions and we even “helped” some artists by encouraging them to add a deadline to their goal.  We talked about focusing on the positive piece of the resolution, instead of making yourself negative resolutions.

December 2016 SPUTNIK Meeting Minutes

January meeting will be Sunday, 8 January at 2pm at Jean Dahlgren’s studio at 240 East Huisache, SATX 78212.  The 11 December FASA Spirited, Passionate, Uninhibited, Thoughtful, Nurturing, Innovative, Kind (SPUTNIK) meeting adjourned at 2 pm, with a vibrant group of artists in attendance.  Everyone brought small snack-y things or small dessert-y things; there was…