Can we talk? “The Language of Fiber Art”, is the theme for this year’s FASA’s upcoming annual Exhibition. It is intended to encourage artists to explore the myriad of ways in which they use fiber or cloth as their ‘language’ to express their stories, or design ideas. Through this creative ‘talk’ the artists convey their vision or message to the viewer in ways that are so uniquely done through this medium. Whether it is an art quilt, an art-to-wear garment, a sculptural piece, etc. the fiber or cloth makes it art we all understand and appreciate – a universal language.

Here’s what you need to know about this year’s call for entries:

It will be provided through CaFE, a well recognized art entry platform that has been around for many years, has served many arts organizations (including fiberart groups) and provides safe and secure protection of our data.

They offer online video tutorials that help guide you through the process of 1) Creating your artist profile including a secure login 2) Creating your art portfolio with a description and images of your work and 3) Applying for art calls, including FASA’s, throughout the country. You can also contact them by phone M-F for assistance. Their website is:

The URL link for FASA’s Call for Entry is:

We invite fiber arts to show us what they have to ‘say’ through their work and we invite everyone to share in viewing the work when the Exhibition is presented in October 2021.

Sarah Fox

Sarah Fox is an MFA Graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio. Her work has been shown throughout Texas, and beyond. She is the director of the innovative community art space Clamp Light Studios and Gallery, the creator and co-director for the Brick Gallery in the Blue Star Arts Complex.

She teaches at the Southwest School of Art and Texas State University.

Her art portrays stories of life, loss, sex and love told through corporeal hybrid creatures using mixed media including fiber artwork.